Monday, June 18, 2018

Gig Economy Professionals | GEPs | Who are they | Ajay Sharma | FlexiOrg | #gigeconomy

Gig Economy Professionals
Written by
Ajay Sharma

The world is changing. Millenials are slowly taking jobs in the corporate and as per Forbes magazine, there will be 70% millennials in US organisations by 2025.

Millenials need more freedom to work, corporates have a limitation in providing opportunities for experimentation. While corporate gives good opportunity to work, but higher risk appetite of youngster clubbed with opportunities in India have given wings to entrepreneurship/ self-employment.  Ideas are plenty and they have support coming from changing organisations needs. The other set of Millenials are ready to join Start-Ups where the salary is not the main factor, but the innovation and passion to do new things help in becoming self-managed employees.

This new age economy is called Gig Economy. Gig word comes from Projects. So it is in other words Project based economy where professionals take the assignments with clear deliverables and timelines.

The professionals who are involved in Gig Economy are called Gig Economy Workers or Gig Economy Professionals or GEPs.

FlexiOrg – an organisation which is focusing on creating Gig Economy ecosystem. It focuses on Right Time Employment, which means the right person for a specific project with a clear timeline which is called RIGHT TIME.

How will FlexiOrg create Gig Economy Ecosystem? The ecosystem needs HR support, career development support, Insurances, Benefits,  time sheets, assessment etc. FlexiOrg will provide all such support to Gig Economy Professionals.